Happy Valentines Day!



This is going to be short and sweet. But if you want something really good to read, I highly recommend this article on Valentines Day and purity, and Francis and Lisa Chan’s book, You and Me Forever, available as an audio book at a really good price here. And of course if you’d rather read it yourself, you can buy a copy on Amazon or elsewhere.

Both the book and the article will be very worth your time.









Happy Valentines Day from the Beiler family!



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3 responses to “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. Ervina

    It kinda blows my mind that they’re outside with short sleeves in sunny weather, but love that you took the time to capture your precious kiddos! Miss you guys. And yes yes yes to that book being an excellent [and very convicting] read!

    • Maria Beiler

      Yes, Ervina, we’re loving the warm weather here, and it kinda blows our minds to imagine how cold Pennsylvania is right now! Miss you tooooo!

  2. I cannot believe how big your kids are getting! Your little guy looks as big as his big brother! 🙂
    The Francis Chan book is one of the best on marriage I’ve ever read. And convicted me so much too! So good.

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